Saturday, June 30, 2012

Hottest Days on Record

It is so hot in Georgia today, I really think we could fry an egg on the pavement. I hate wasting a perfectly good egg for that, so just know that 105 degrees F in the shade is really, really, really hot.  We don't have the humidity we normally do in the southeast, so that's good for those of us trapped in it. What isn't good is we haven't had any rain in almost two weeks (so low humidity) and that means the grass is turning brown and the garden is curling up and dying. 

Luckily we are still getting some good veg from the garden. The tomatoes are ripening nicely and the potatoes are ready, it's just too hot to dig right now. Our rhubarb is wilting, but we'll keep trying to save it.

The animals don't  like the heat much, either.  They are all sitting in the shade with their feathers open to catch a breeze, and the waterfowl are down by the (very shallow) pond in the woods.   We have several baby geese, ducks and chickens right now, and it is hardest on them because we aren't letting them roam free just yet. They are small bits of hawk bait now, and need to be in a covered area for a bit longer. They all have shade, but it's still hot out there.

 The hens are still laying, but the ducks have almost stopped. I don't blame them. I wouldn't want to produce eggs in this heat, either.
This chicken is staying cool in her coop.

I'll try and post a little more often than once a year, so stay tuned.