Monday, June 29, 2009

This Week in Pictures, Part 1

Here are a few photos from around the farm. This is my Moon and Stars Watermelon, coming along nicely.

The infamous tomato plants. I spied a hint of orange on one of them today, so eating isn't far behind.

This is the tomato almost the size of a volley ball.

These are pear shaped Roma tomatoes.

Morning glories are growing everywhere. They are beautiful, but highly annoying in the garden.

They creep over every other plant and lock them down to the ground and generally make a mess of things for weeding. At least they don't have thorns like some of the other weeds.

Grapes twining their way over the wire shed. There are more grapes to the right of the photo running down an arbor Barry built.

Garlic harvested this week and curing in the garden shed

This really has nothing to do with the farm, but I just had to share. Barry drove a bobcat around for two days at our friend JJ's house this week. It is the smallest machine of its kind that Barry has every driven as he normally works on those monster excavators you see building bridges and roads. They had fun pushing around dirt and wood chips, but it was too darn hot.

And to take us out of this photo montage is Barry playing on his guitar. Moment after I took this I heard a 'sprang' of a string breaking, which brought his strumming to an end. Ah, well, time for a new string.


  1. Hey, and I know the lady in the white hat with Barry. Thanks for your comment Sally and yes of course use to your heart's content. Nice to know I now have another blog to read -- I'm very jealous of your large tomatoes. Come see us and bring Barry and Jen. Barry can leave the guitar at home, I've got several. And lots of strings.And a T-shirt that says HWYL.

  2. The black socks do it for me.