Sunday, November 1, 2009

And another thing...

Note to self (and others): working a full-time job in the theatre plus trying to run an all-natural farm means the blog probably gets lost in the shuffle more often than one wants. The thing about theatre is that it is organized just like any specific timed project, but with a non-negotiable drop dead date (the show MUST go on, no matter what). I think that in my 20+ years in the industry I've only been involved with one show that pushed back the opening by one week. I was an actor on that one, I just want to make that clear(not my fault, in other words, lol!). You just don't delay openings, but you can delay planting the turnips or butchering the chickens. The chickens certainly don't mind and the turnips don't have an opinion, despite what the vegetable rights activists say.

Hey, I thought this blog was about natural farming and living, so what gives with the other stuff? Well, just my way of saying "sorry I haven't posted in awhile, and you can bet it will happen again in the future". Okay, 'nuff said on that. The next post will actually be about animals!

Next up: Flying turkeys, waddling chickens, cowering tortoises and who knows what nonsense!

Oh, and here is Barry's Jack-O-Lantern for this year. I think his name is Purly.

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