Monday, September 7, 2009

Just Mucking Around

This week Barry rented a mini-excavator to dig out the little mud puddle at the rear of our roods to turn it into a proper pond. You can see what it looked like before here.

When we bought the farm last summer we knew that we had a variety of small creeks that come together just in the back part of our property because even in the driest year ever there were three trickles of water heading into the triangle. Once the rains started coming down this winter, we discovered we really did have a pond. This is good news for us since it will help us with our pastured animals.

Ever since we've moved it has been on Barry's mind to widen the pond's walls, clean out the silt and muck, and make something pretty and useful.

Eventually we will plant shrubs and other vegetation on the banks and also add water plants. If we can stand the mosquitoes, it should be a nice place to visit in the afternoons.

Barry is so happy on his machine he stays at it for hours at a time. I mean HOURS, like six or seven, before I make him come in for something to eat and drink.

I'm hoping he'll have time to dig a foundation for my new smokehouse. More on that as (if) it progresses.

See you on the farm!

1 comment:

  1. He does look happy! Look forward to seeing the finished product.....perhaps after mosquito season! :-)