Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Rainy Days

Well, I think the drought is officially over in Georgia, at least our part of it anyway. Our backyard is a marsh, and the woods is almost all pond now. Barry has been planning on getting an excavator for a day and digging out the pond to make it deeper and wider, but all the rain has made that a bit difficult.

It would be nice to have a pond on the property. That was the one down fall when we bought this place: no water. Of course that was during the drought, now we know we have not one but five creeks on the property. I think we are on a huge natural springs. There are or have been four wells in the recent past. Two are still working, we just need to have them tested for usability.

Which brings us to the name of our little place: Treffynnon Farm. It is Welsh, and loosely translated means "homestead by the brook" or "farm near the water"--I am told Welsh in notoriously difficult to translate into English. We chose that name when there was the smallest trickle of water at the back of the field, but now, well, now we are rivaling Lake Lanier.

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  1. I'm already addicted! Please post soon.

    This is the logical next step for Barry and you, and for Alison.

    Like any great endeavor, I'm sure there will be some bad days mixed in with many great ones, but I can't think of anything more important than producing healthful, natural basic products we all need to survive.