Saturday, May 23, 2009

Farm Photo'palooza

I've been taking a lot of photos lately. So much going on here at the farm in Springtime. Here are some of my favorite.

This is Mary with her future Thanksgiving dinner.

One of two peach trees in the dog run. This one looks to be ripening up first.


Barry's newest creation: The Turkey House. Looks a bit like Turkey-Alcatraz to me, but I'm sure with some wall to wall carpet, a wetbar and grill they will be quite happy out there.

It's Barry-sized! I told him if he makes me mad I'll lock him inside. No way he's getting out through the turkey entrance. Bwa ha ha ha ha!

The chicken run, with chickens.

Two of the Silver Lace Wyandotte chicks.

My garden in the Amazon rain forest. I can't keep up with the weeds. The Scarlet runner beans are doing well, though.
Tomatoes, basil, peppers and potatoes in the background.
My garlic. I am thrilled with how it is coming along. All organic from organic stock at Hood River Farms in Oregon.

A butterfly plant of some kind in the garden. We had so many butterflies last summer it was like we lived at Calloway Gardens.

A lily and spiderwort behind.

We mow the field. The first pic is Barry, the other is me driving the beast through the trees.

More Cochin eggs, eleven in all waiting to become baby chicks.

Water lilies? They are in the water pond and they are lilies...left by former owners. I love the little 'barrel pond'.

Our rooster, Big Boy. He has spurs three inches long, but he is as sweet as he can be to humans. Barry talks to him and the rooster seems to react to him. He's a good rooster.

That's Harriet the Pekin Duck sitting down, and one of our Khaki Cambell's in the background on the left.

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