Saturday, May 9, 2009

Wandering Turkeys

It all started four days ago.

I'm doing something in the kitchen, cooking or prepping dinner, listening to the chirping and peeping of the chicks and poults in the dining room. Then I notice a change in the sounds. Now I hear a longer, higher pitched note of alarm. Hmm...I look in on the turkeys, and I see one of the little buggers walking around, seeing the sights, but alarmed because she can't see her friends.

This happens day and night, by the way. I (not Barry who is deaf at night) hear the panic sound and go into the other room and there she is, running around, calm but a little worried about her friends. Crazy birds. We finally put screening over their boxes, but somehow those curious birds have found a way out. I'm going to call them Houdini One and Houdini Two. Just two of them are of the super-curious sort, the rest seem happy to stay in their box.

I took a picture of Houdini One as he/she was wandering around. Barry called to it and it actually came over to visit.

I reminded Barry that we were planning on eating these birds in November. He laughed and said "of course", but I'm suspicious. They are interesting and curious little birds, far more than the chickens. But they will be tasty, too.

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