Sunday, February 21, 2010

Boom Pole Comes to the Farm

Barry was given a new-old toy for his tractor today, a pole boom. Apparently with this thing he will now solve all the problems of the world (or at least on the farm) and get so much more work done that he can't even speak he's so overwhelmed. I don't know, it looks like a big, metal pole, but it makes him happy and I got a new work table out of the deal.
Our kindly neighbor, Carl, gave us the boom pole, and kindly dropped by to supervise. Barry decided the first thing to do would be to shift a lot of huge rounds of sweet gum tree he had gotten from a friend who's tree had fallen on his house (all fine). These pieces of wood are really huge! Two or three people can sit on one at a time, or you could use a couple as a good sized table.

The chickens quite enjoyed the snacks Barry kept unearthing in his moving of these huge wood pieces. They were in and around the tractor the whole time he was doing the shifting. They are pretty savvy at keeping out of the way, but every so often I think one might be about to get run over, but no, she's gone another direction and is safe. Silly birds.

By the end of the day Barry had moved about 15 of these big rounds into his own little version of Stonehenge, or Woodhenge, as I call it. Perhaps the Druids will show up to have a parade some day soon. This is also the place we'll be planting two dogwood trees, a pink and a white, in memory of his parents, his mum having passed away last week. I think the dogwoods will look lovely surrounded by the friendly seats...or we could use them as tiny stages, or...we'll think of something.

Oh, and I got two big rounds, one by the barn and one by the house, for my own use as worktables. I love not having to bend over to use the little log I had before. So the boom pole gets an A+ with me, even if I wouldn't have known what it was before today.

See you on the farm!

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