Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Chucks Grow Up

As with all things, time passes, we grow older and wiser, and if you are young enough, you get bigger (or old enough, too). Same with our animals. Remember these guys? Aren't they adorable?

The Chucks (chickens and ducks) arrived six and a half weeks ago. We raised them in plastic bins in the bathroom. Then they went outside into the bigger brooder house.

Today both got to roam around outside in their new outside runs (they must be kept under wire for awhile longer or they are just hawk-bait).

My how they have grown! Most of the ducks are almost a foot tall and weigh a couple of pounds. The chickens are heavier than they look, and their feathers are finally coming in.

The ducks are more afraid of us humans than the chickens, probably because the chickens are two-legged piranhas and will eat us if we don't feed them NOW! whereas the ducks are more laid back about food, but love playing in the water.

The ducks are still on the adorable side, but the chickens have become more interesting as future food. We will be keeping some of the female ducks for egg laying, but since they all look alike we'll have to get up close and personal to figure out which is which.

The fun never ends on the farm!

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